Rooted in Christ

ephesians 3

52 days of turmoil & chaos & stress & constant states of unknowns for my family are definitely being felt the last few days. In the beginning, it was easier to focus solely on Chris knowing the kids were ok. Now, it seems I’m continually broken. When I’m at the hospital, my kids weigh heavily on my heart & when I’m with them, Chris & his needs/care weigh on my heart. There’s never a feeling of wholeness.

I came across this verse yesterday & have just wanted to sit with it & not move on. I wanted to keep reading it & turning the words over in my heart until all of the love that Christ has for me fills up all of my broken places. I wanted these words of being rooted in Christ & his strength to wash over me. I wanted to keep his words of how much & how deep his love is for me to take hold. Just what is Christ’s WIDTH, and DEPTH, and HEIGHT of his love for me? Could I even comprehend it if I tried?

Since they were such great reminders to me, hoping they are for you too. I pray that we both “become filled with all the fullness of God.”

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