Out of the Boat

walk on the water

I have 3 pivotal turning points in my walk with Christ. Three moments that completely changed my heart & my trajectory. Three moments I believe prepared me for this journey. My first, a story for another day, was after the loss of our second baby-between Hunter & Ella. The second, happened just over two years ago, when I felt God draw near when I was desperately searching for meaning in my life. The third, also a story for another day, happened this past February. In each incident, God met me when I was ready to listen & wanted Him more than my “comfortable” life. The moment I was desperate for God…He drew near.

The thing about God is he’s patient. He’s gentle. He stands at the door & knocks and waits for us to open it to Him. He doesn’t knock the door down & barge in. He doesn’t demand anything we’re not ready or willing to give. But God also won’t move in our life the way we ask or say that we want until we let Him.

I love this verse about Peter walking on the water because He WALKED ON the WATER. Over the past few years, I’ve realized I care less about the storm around me, less about what the people on the boat with me are or aren’t doing, less about what will happen to my possessions or even to me; all I really want is for God to call me out to WALK ON the water WITH Him.

I’ve mentioned it before, but TRULY hope that this journey Chris & I are on encourages you to seek God in a real & tangible way. Encourages you to not look at the storm around you, not look at what the other people on the boat are or aren’t doing, not look at your possessions that you’ll be leaving behind but to TRUST GOD & WALK on the water WITH Him when He calls you. 

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