Joy is a Choice

psalm 15

After a rough few weeks, it was so great to spend an entire weekend with my kiddos! Over the weekend, I’ve thought a lot about “joy”; probably because I wasn’t feeling much lately. God is so kind in his patience with me & my lack of joy that he gave me 2 different people to remind me that joy is a choice, not a feeling.

It’s easy & understandable to not have joy 56 days in…it’s easy & understandable to find negatives or fault or only see lack of progress about where we’re not.

But God asks us to be different & to do different. 

God asks us to see things as he does. Our joy is a choice, a decision. Our joy comes from him, not our circumstances or our feelings. We can find joy, 56 days in, by focusing on the good in each day-by actively choosing to look for our “wins” because no matter the circumstances, God is always there.

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