Filling My Broken Places

living water

At some point, we’ll each reach a breaking point. Maybe our breaking point is caused from a job loss, a divorce, a diagnosis, or the loss of a dream; but whatever the cause, how we choose to fill those broken places is important.


Eventually in our brokenness, we’ll begin to pick up the shattered pieces of our lives and try to put them back together. No matter how painstakingly careful we are in collecting and reassembling each piece, there will inevitably still be cracks. It’s here in the cracks that how we fill them matters. I think, it’s the key to deciding the outcome from our brokenness.


Do we fill those empty places with alcohol or pills-trying to numb the pain left behind from what was once whole and is now shattered? Do we fill those cracks with food looking for empty joy and comfort in our void? Do we fill the cracks with attention from others-ultimately leaving us with more and deeper cracks then before?


John 4:1-42 tells us about a Samaritan woman who chose to fill her broken places with Jesus. This woman was so broken and ashamed from years of adulterous choices that it was easier for her to collect her water each day during the hottest part of the day than to face the scorn and judgment from the other women who knew about her disgrace. Shattering all social norms, Jesus met her here and showed her true compassion and offered her the gift of the ONLY thing that could fill her broken places-God’s grace and love.


Realizing that living with men who are not her husband will leave her perpetually fractured, the Samaritan woman wants more and becomes vulnerable and honest of her need in verse 15:

 “The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.”


I wonder how many times I’ve chosen to be equally vulnerable and honest of my need to Jesus? How many times have I known that I’m filling my broken places with things that will leave me perpetually fractured, but do it anyway?


Because this Samaritan woman chose to be vulnerable with Jesus and let Him into her broken places, He saved her and countless others in her village. I wonder who Jesus could save through my broken pieces if I let Him in there too?


I wonder who is waiting on you to be vulnerable with Jesus and allow Him to heal the cracked places in your heart so that they can experience His restoration through yours?

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