There Might be Giants


This week I’m focused on how often my faith wanes when my post miracle reality doesn’t align with my pre-miracle expectations.

Seeing God give a doctor a dream about Chris the night before he went into cardiac arrest & then use the dream as the catalyst for saving his life is a miracle. If God will go through such lengths to save him, is it shocking that 65 days later I sometimes still look for my version of “saving”?

In Numbers 13, we read Moses has sent a handful of Israelites to scope out God’s chosen land and report back their findings. In verse 28 it reads,

“But the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large. We even saw descendants of Anak there.”

It’s this verse this morning that reminds me of the VERY thing I often do. God has promised to restore us to a land flowing with milk & honey…I have proof of his power & the Promised Land in my hands & yet all I focus on are the giants-the few obstacles, in my mind, that are too big for me to tackle, & I mistakenly place my limitations on God.

I see the giants & forget my faith should be in the one who MADE the giants. I see the walls & forget my faith is in the one who isn’t bound by time & space much less something so insignificantly small as a Lego-sized wall to my God; a wall so small that it doesn’t even draw his attention when he walks. I see dreams & promises just out of my reach & forget my faith is in the one who PLACED those dreams & promises in my heart, & HE DOES what He says He will do.

How often, I wonder, am I looking for the giants and completely miss the post miracle blessings God had planned? How often does MY wrongful focus delay God’s next miracle?

I wonder if ALL the men who explored Jericho had come back as Joshua did with the belief that God would move as He promised & ready to see it happen TODAY-if God still would have delayed their entering the land flowing with milk & honey? I’m guessing not.

How often am I standing in my own way & delaying God? I pray for God to move, & he’s waiting for me to trust Him & move out of His way first.

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