Well Done, Good & Faithful Servant

romans 14

Have you ever Googled yourself? If not, or if it’s been awhile, I highly recommend it. Doing so is an almost out of body experience to see your life (probably more than you realize) out there for anyone to read. When I Google myself, on paper, I look “good”. You’ll see articles quoting me when I served as President of the Junior League of Waco; you’ll see references to my company, Rooted Leaders, my time with other leadership development companies, my work with See You at the Station, etc. On paper, it’s easy to think I’m a ‘good’ person or doing a ‘good’ job.

The Bible is very clear to say that one day, we ALL will have to give an account of our choices. Unlike Google, I think God’s version will be less about checking out our resume and more about checking out our heart. Google doesn’t care how many times I was tired, frustrated, stressed, worried, upset and was rude, unloving, and disrespectful to my family…but God does. Google doesn’t track how many times I worried more about what a complete stranger thought of me than what God thought of me. Google can’t gauge the number of times I was willfully disobedient to God, but God can.

When I review my inward life and choices, I see a much more selfish, self-centered person than I care to admit. It’s the real, sinful me that God tracks and wants to change-not the outward, worldly persona.

The next time I Google myself, I’d love to see evidence of lives I’ve had a hand in changing. Evidence of people I’ve helped along the way; hearts hurting that I stopped walking past and instead loved on them in their hurt. I’d love to know that not only are other people’s lives better but that my family’s life is better because my heart beats more closely with God’s. I’d love to know that family, friends, complete strangers will be with me in heaven because of a seed I planted in their life along the way.

When I have to stand before God and give an account of countless wrong choices, I hope my choosing to be obedient to God and wherever/whenever/to whomever He send me far outweighs the rest. Since Google will never be able to tell me whether or not my life was truly successful in the things that matter, I hope one day, I will hear ‘well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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