Looking Beyond

2 corinthians 57

Quitting is easy. It’s easy to look at my life and think it’s always going to be this way and want to quit. It’s easy to look at my worries and fears and think it’ll never get any better. It’s easy to focus on all the things going wrong and all the ways life is hard. Giving up is easy.


What’s hard is looking beyond. It’s hard when my days are spent sitting next to a hospital bed to look beyond this season to a brighter future that lays ahead. When I’m not sure how the bills will be met and what that will mean for my family, it’s hard to look beyond the worry and fears to the God who has a history of providing the miracles and performing the impossible.


But isn’t that who God has called us to be? People of vision who see beyond our current circumstances. People who see beyond the encompassing Egyptian army and the Red Sea to freedom. People who see beyond the walls and giants of Jericho to the Promised Land. People who see beyond the vastness of the Midianite army to the victory God has given through our shining lanterns and trumpets.  People who see beyond the chains of the prison cell and share Jesus to a world through our New Testament writings. People who see beyond hope dying on a cross to eternal life found in His Resurrection.


God seeks people willing to see beyond. People willing to walk forward in faith and trust that He REALLY IS who He says He is.


God has handed each of us His book with countless stories that teach us & remind us about His nature and His character. We either believe what we read, or we don’t. Our God isn’t a God of just the Bible. He’s not a God who could part the Red Sea and provide, daily, for thousands of people but no longer works on our behalf today. God DOESN’T change. The same God who fought on behalf of Joshua, Gideon, Moses, Elijah, on and on and on…the same God who provided for the Israelites; healed the blind; brought the dead to life is the SAME God we serve today.  Either He’s able, or He’s not.


All He asks of us is to have eyes opened to Him to see beyond today’s battle to the victory HE ALREADY HAS for us beyond this moment; to keep walking with our eyes focused on Him; trusting that the same God who was with His people in the Old and New Testament is the SAME God with us today.


Are you ready to see beyond? The choice is yours.

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