Perspective-Don’t Just See the Nails

proverbs 3

Perspective…there are more days than I care to admit that I’m too focused on my agenda…how life impacts me. Monday, was one of those days (to be honest, you could probably choose ANY day of my life to be one of those days).

Monday, as I posted earlier, I realized my car desperately needed 4 new tires to continue to be driven safely…think penny test where 100% of the penny is visible.  So, I grabbed Chris’s keys to his truck & took the kids to school thinking I’d deal with my car issues another day.

A few miles from school, Chris’s low tire pressure light comes on (ironic?). Thankfully, the leak was slow, & I was able to get the kids dropped off & make it to Discount Tire safely to check for the leak. (Turns out there was a nail in one of the tires).

Here’s what God put on my heart about Monday.
-how many times do I lose all perspective over small inconveniences?
-how many times I focus on a perceived obstacle in MY agenda & potentially miss a God moment?
-how many times has a negative attitude kept me from receiving God’s blessing?
-how many times when I didn’t chose to thank God IN the midst of problems did I miss something bigger He had planned?

As it turned out, God used that little nail’s hole in the tire (which was repaired quickly & for free) to bless me with 4 new tires. As I’m standing in line & talking to God about my negative attitude, another woman who knew of our story walks up to me in line to ask what I needed to have done. Without hesitation, I relayed my plight & she offered for her & her Sunday School class to cover, completely, the cost of 4 new tires! Apparently when she went back to discuss the arrangement with Discount Tires, they threw in an extra discount to lower the cost. #onlyGod

Only God could use a nail to bless me. It makes me wonder how many times I’ve missed a blessing because all I saw was the nail & not thanked God for it.

God’s nail allowed me to safely get the kids to school. Be close enough to home to quickly & safely repair a tire. God’s nail provided for 4 new tires. God choosing to use a nail saved me.

Is it possible that you’re missing God because all you see are the nails?

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