Fear is a LIAR

fear is a liar

There’s a song by Zach Williams called, “Fear is a Liar” that’s basically been on repeat on my i-phone the past few weeks. (You can check out the song at the bottom of this blog).


It’s the kind of song that when it came on, I turned the volume ALL.THE.WAY.UP. The message is so good, so powerful, so needed in my life, and I believe the life of so many.


I’ve asked women from all different walks of life, in different seasons of life, levels of success, working moms, stay-at-home-moms, single women, childless women… if they know their calling from God and are walking in it. If not, what’s holding them back?


All different women, and yet ALL have almost identical responses. One-word, phrased LOTS of different ways, but it ALWAYS comes down to one word-FEAR.

It’s Satan’s pervasive lie that whispers to us over and over and over again until we believe it, until it takes roots in our hearts and we mistakenly taut it MUST be true. Maybe yours says, “you’re not enough.” Not good enough, smart enough, brave enough, connected enough, rich enough, thin enough, outgoing enough, prepared enough-fill-in-the-blank. Somehow, Satan has whispered in your ear that whatever you are, it is NOT what God REALLY intended for you to be and therefore you are NOT enough to walk in your calling and live a purpose-filled life. That life is only meant for ‘others’, but not for you.


Oh, how I know this feeling. I know that who I appear to be on the outside does not match the frightened, unloved, unaccepted, unpopular, misfit girl I often feel on the inside. I know how it feels to be anything BUT enough. And while you may not FEEL it to be true, I have one thing I want you to hang on to. That belief, that is not from you, but Satan. And you know the ONE thing I KNOW about him??


YOU, sweet & precious friend, EXACTLY like you are today, right now-unshowered, yoga pants wearing, no makeup-messy hair and unbrushed teeth friend, ARE ENOUGH. JUST LIKE YOU ARE.


You know how I know this? Because OUR God is SOVEREIGN. He knew EVERYTHING about you and EVERY DAY you would walk through BEFORE HE created you. He handpicked every annoying detail and feature and purposely knitted you together to prefer somethings (coffee & chocolate) and not other things (bacon & LaCroix). (I know, by my sharing that, you may no longer want to be my friend-after all, who does NOT like bacon?!?)


Seriously, he has a BIG and AWESOME plan for your life, and he is patiently waiting to share it with you. God’s sovereignty can redeem and restore any and all of your past hurts and pain, and then use those very same painful parts to help you minister to someone else through them. He knows what we need to keep us humble, to keep us needing him, to keep us seeking him, to help us reach others, to push us to grow further and deeper than we even knew we could. God’s sovereignty can take all of those things that make you FEEL like you are not enough and bring healing and miracles for others-if you’ll lay them in his hands.


It may seem impossible. It may seem like it’s too late. It may seem as if you are TOO far for God to ever use you. So, do me one favor. Put this song on repeat..play it over and over and over until the TRUTH begins to uproot Satan’s lies and you begin to see who you ARE, REALLY ARE-not how you FEEL-in Christ.


You ARE enough.



Here’s the link to the song: https://youtu.be/1srs1YoTVzs

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